Integrated environment consulting competence for the circular economy:
three partners, one high-calibre council of experts

Customers of HiiCCE profit from the unique competence provided by partners who have come together at the institute. They stand for state-of-the-art solutions in the circular economy worldwide.



Pioneer in sustainability

Holger Lange (Managing Director, left) and Prof. Dr Rüdiger Siechau (Spokesperson for the Management Board, right)
Holger Lange (Managing Director, left) and Prof. Dr Rüdiger Siechau (Spokesperson for the Management Board, right)

Stadtreinigung Hamburg AöR (SRH), Germany’s second-largest communal waste disposal company since the country’s first city waste collection system in 1886, can look back at more than a century of experience in waste management. Since the start of the 2000s, SRH has become known even beyond the city’s borders as a pioneer in everything centred round sustainability. Defining collaborations and engagements in national (VKU) and international organisations (ISWA) mark the all-encompassing work and actions of the company.

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Stadtreinigung Hamburg: Comprehensive services for the public

The Innovation team at Stadtreinigung Hamburg

As a public waste disposal service provider and certified specialist for waste management, Stadtreinigung Hamburg (SRH) ensures the collection, treatment and environmentally friendly disposal of waste from more than one million households and roughly 100,000 commercial businesses throughout the City of Hamburg in Germany.

At the same time, sustainability plays a leading role in the main business of SRH and is firmly established as part of the company strategy. Every day, SRH ensures that valuable resources are used in the best way possible and reusable material can be fed back into the cycle. The prevention of waste takes top priority in this process. Waste is collected from households in a four-bin system: black for regular waste, blue for paper, green for organic waste, and yellow for Hamburg’s recyclable waste.

What’s more, SRH provides a customer-friendly pick-up system for larger amounts of waste and reusable waste which is not collected via the four-bin system. Large collection containers and twelve recycling yards span the entire city. The infrastructure and logistics for separating organic waste, paper, glass, textiles, electrical devices, a range of various recyclable materials and standard waste is provided and ensured.

Additional tasks include winter services; the cleaning of public roads, pavements and bicycle paths, as well as green areas, parks and playgrounds; along with the emptying of the normally red waste bins and the removal of illegal waste disposal, which is reported via the SRH app, amongst others. On top of this, SRH is responsible for the maintenance, refurbishment and operation of around 130 public toilets within the city limits.

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Advisory competence at the highest level

Michael Zahlten and
Gudrun Raelert, Managing Directors

in 2021, JOMA Umwelt-Beratungsgesellschaft mbH became HiiCCE GmbH. JOMA  was previously active in the circular economy for 30 years, particularly in the waste and energy management as well as renewable energy sectors. With its broad partner network, the company is a leading service provider of strategic consultancy, material flow management, and project development and execution.

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HiiCCE GmbH, Your partner for facing waste and energy management challenges

JOMA Umwelt-Beratungsgesellschaft mbH became HiiCCE GmbH in 2021. The company was established in 1990 and has been involved in communal and private supply and waste management for more than 30 years. The company has been a company of Stadtreinigung Hamburg AöR since 2019.

A total of about ten seasoned employees are based at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, each with an academic background and their own specialised qualifications. What’s more, HiiCCE works within a network with other qualified partnering companies which offer their own specialisations. Based on the project, even complex undertakings within supply and waste management can be realised by a specialisation-based division of labour for the benefit of the customer.

The range of services handed over to HiiCCE from JOMA mainly encompasses:

The HiiCCE GmbH team
  • Waste and wastewater management consultancy
  • Completion of public tendering processes
  • Project and site development for supply/waste management
  • Permit management
  • Material flow management for waste systems and companies
  • Development of technical, waste management and logistics concepts
  • Technical, economic due diligence, also within the scope of sales processes
  • Planning and realisation of technical waste systems and concepts
  • Benchmarking of waste management services
  • Market and competition analysis, incl. market review
  • Process optimisation in system operations and facility management
  • Implementation of innovative waste and cleaning concepts in the public space
  • Preparation and support of research and development projects

The development and execution of innovative and sustainable solutions for challenges to come will continue to be the focus in future for supply and waste management.


Worldwide scientific know-how

Prof. Dr Kerstin Kuchta, Head of the Research Group Sustainable Resource and Waste Management, and Scientific Head of HiiCCE

The Research Group Sustainable Resource and Waste Management at the Hamburg University of Technology is highly renowned on both a national and international level, and has been a member of the worldwide research network for many years. The 25-person team sets standards in the research areas of recycling, circular economy, bioresources and bioeconomy. The institute features an excellently equipped technical centre as well as generous laboratories with cutting-edge gas, water, solids and trace analyses.

Discover more detailed information about the Research Group Sustainable Resource und Waste Management at the Hamburg University of Technology here.

TUHH – Technology for everyone

The Research Group Sustainable Resource and Waste Management at TUHH

TUHH is a competitive, family-friendly and sustainable university with a high standard of performance and quality. These are aimed for in all instances of research – from basic research to research excellence within the university’s fields of competence. It is an international-focused institute of higher education in Hamburg which follows the Humboldt ideal of education.

The new office of the Research Group Sustainable Resource and Waste Management, located near Harburg’s waterway port

The Research Group Sustainable Resource and Waste Management, as part of TUHH, makes excellent contributions to the research fields Life Science Technologies and Green Technologies. This includes holistic concepts for collecting various waste flows, such as post-consumer packaging, industrial plastics, organic plastics in organic waste or waste of electronics and electronic equipment. By providing essential experience in the recycling of various waste materials, the Research Group covers the entire cycle – from collection and transport to (downstream) pre-treatment to reuse and recycling. Within this scope, a unique focus is placed on the analysis of the consequences in terms of recovery of resources and the ability of products to be recycled over the course of integrated collection.

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The Advisory Board

Bundled competence in climate protection and resource protection

The HiiCCE Advisory Board has ten members who contribute years-long individual expertise and experience in the work of the institute.

The following are members of the HiiCCE Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Tilo Böhmann

Head of the research group IT Management and Consulting at the University of Hamburg

Matthias Harms

CEO/Chairman of the Management Board at Veolia Deutschland

Prof. Dr. Christina Dornack

Director of the Institute of Waste Management and Circular Economy at the Dresden University of Technology in Pirna-Copitz

Bernard Kemper

Chairman of the Management Board at EEW Energy from Waste GmbH

Dr. Regina Dube

Director General of the division Water Management, Resource Conservation and Adaptation to Climate Change at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

Prof. Dr. Jörg Knieling

Chair of Urban Planning and Regional Development at HafenCity University of Hamburg (HCU) / Research on the circular city

Karl Falkenberg

Freelance lecturer and consultant

Dr. Berend Krüger

Owner of Dr. Berend Krüger – Consulting, and years-long spokesperson for the Management Board of Stadtreinigung Hamburg AöR

Prof. Dr. Martin Faulstich

Chair of Resources and Energy Systems at the Dortmund University of Technology

Prof. Dr. Peter Quicker

Head of the Unit of Technology of Fuels at RWTH Aachen