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Email: info@hiicce.hamburg

You can reach the Data Protection Officer of HiiCCE GmbH at:
HiiCCE GmbH, Data Protection Officer, c/o Stadtreinigung Hamburg, Bullerdeich 19, 20537 Hamburg, Germany; Tel.: +49 40 6087 45-0; Email: datenschutz@hiicce.hamburg

Managing Director: Gudrun Raelert

HiiCCE is registered with the Hamburg District Count under the number HRB 64253. The company has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

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HiiCCE GmbH is not obliged and not willing to participate in an out-of-court settlement case according to the German Consumers’ Dispute Settlement Act.

Responsible for the content according to section 55, paragraph 2 of the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty:
Carsten Haupt, Authorised Representative
Carsten Haupt, Authorised Representative

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